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Hermes Horseshoe Stamp

As you know, Birkin bags are extremely hard to come by and purchase directly at the Hermès boutique, even more so are Special Order Horseshoe Birkin. If you’ve perused PORTERO, you may have found a handful of Birkin bags with multiple color leathers and a horseshoe stamp; allow us to explain.

What is a Special Order Birkin?

A Special Order Birkin, also known as a Horseshoe Birkin, is a Birkin bag that has been especially made to the specifications of a client. A few times a year, select clients are invited to create their very own Birkin and Kelly bags, and are able to choose everything from the leather (or leathers, if they so wish), to the colors and the piping.

These requests are then sent to the Hermès atelier in Paris, where artisans will create these handbags. The whole process, from the ordering, the crafting, and then shipping back to the store can take months or sometimes, depending on the specifications of the bag, years.

All Special Order Birkin and Kelly bags have a Horseshoe Stamp next to the Hermès Paris Made in France stamp.

Hermes Special Order Birkin 40 Black and Indigo Togo available on PORTERO.comHermès Horseshoe Birkin 40 cm Black and Indigo Togo with Brushed Gold Hardware 

What Does the Hermès Horseshoe Stamp Mean?

The house of Hermès has a long equine tradition that dates as far as their 1837 beginnings. The Hermès Horseshoe stamp simply means that a handbag is a Special Order, and has been created to the specifications of a client.

Hermes Special Order Horseshoe Birkin bags available on PORTERO.comHermès Special Ordern Horseshoe Tri-Color Birkin in Rose Tyrien, Jaune D’Or and Mykonos Epsom with Gold Hardware Hermès HorseshoeBirkin 35 cm in Iris Clemence with Bois de Rose Interior and Gold Hardware Hermès Special Order Bicolor Craie Cacao Togo Birkin 35cm with Gold Hardware


How can I get a Horseshoe Birkin bag?

Hermès only fulfills a few Special Orders in a year, and each store, depending on the volume of their clientele, only has a certain allotment of Special Orders to fill. Usually only well-established customers will get the chance to customize an Hermès bag. Although many clients undoubtedly ask to create their own Special Order Birkin or Kelly, only few are invited to do so.

Sometimes, a Horseshoe Birkin or Horseshoe Kelly will take too long to arrive, and the client who customized it will no longer be interested. Other times, a certain material won’t be available, and will be replaced with something else. If this happens, the customer who ordered the Horseshoe bag is under no obligation to purchase it, and in those cases, the Special Order bags will be offered to someone else.

In some cases, the bag will be purchased at the boutique then placed in a reputable, secondary market store, such as PORTERO, where it will be available to purchase for a premium.

Hermès Special Order Birkin available on PORTERO.comHermès Special Order Birkin Craie Cacao Togo Birkin 35 cm with Gold Hardware

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