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An ideal day-to-night kind of bag, the Hermes Constance Bag has gained its popularity in the bag planet since the day of its release in 1959 by Hermes’ in-house designer Catherine Chaillet. Having reached the pinnacle of its success, the Constance Bag is now introduced in its newest version: Hermes Noir Enamel Constance Bag.

If you’re an Hermes fan, you’ll definitely know by heart that the Constance is also a celebrity bag alongside the Hermes Birkin and the Hermes Kelly. Ever since its release, it has been created in several colors, sizes, and leathers.This time around, the bag comes in an all-black version meaning that it sports a new black leather, a geometrical black print and lines, and the famous H emblem in the middle is in an all-black hardware with enamel outline. It also boasts of a black shoulder leather strap for shoulder carrying and can be doubled for easy hand carrying.

A timeless and elegant shoulder bag, the Hermes Noir Enamel Constance Bag can be paired with a variety of outfits in your wardrobe. In fact, it can be used as a casual everyday bag as you can pair it over your shirt and jeans combo or as a formal bag that can go well with your beautiful evening dresses.

Please check with the SA for more details.




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Who would have thought that a shopping bag could look as good as the Hermes Silk Shopping Bag?

Meet the bag that’s made from lightweight material, that is, 100% silk. This Hermes shopping bag is perfect to bring around especially if you’re out there making last minute grocery shopping on a weekend.

For the eco-conscious women, this Hermes Silk Shopping Bag is an alternative to using plastics as you can reuse it as often as you’d like. Jumping in on the reusable bag bandwagon that not only appeals to eco-minded shoppers, but also help protect the environment. Hermes really hit it off with these stylish and fashion-forward silk shopping bags, which come in different colors and artful designs that you can choose from.

A perfect carry-all bag to bring especially while you’re shopping, it also features a front pocket that can hold your wallet or coin purse! Measures 15” x 12.3” inches and is priced $550 USD via Hermes boutiques.











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Everything-limited is certainly worth chasing, like the Hermes Kelly Flag Wallet. We were told that only 12 pieces were available in each store.

The Kelly Wallet is one of Hermes’s Classic accessories and needs no introduction – the beautiful Kelly Lock in the center is what we’re all craving for. The Flag Wallet edition is in bi-color blue and black or in bi-color red and burgundy.

The purpose of this post is to give you more details about this beauty. First, it’s covered in Epsom Calfskin. The interior is the same as the original Kelly Wallet, it features 12 credit card slots, 2 pockets for bills, central zip purse for change with Kelly Lock pull-tab. This bag is great as an evening clutch or a long wallet.

Measuring 4.5’ x 7.7’ inches, priced at $3650 USD via Hermes boutique.


Never carried, this Hermès Kelly Long Flag Wallet is absolutely pristine with the protective plastic intact on the hardware.  The limited edition style is very collectible in a combination of Flamingo and Coral Epsom leather.  Known for its ease of use, functionality, and understated chic panache, the Kelly Long is both practical and beautiful.

Textured and durable Flamingo Epsom leather has a Coral center block and interior.  Accented with sophisticated Palladium twist lock belted closure.  Gusseted sides allow for easy management.  The interior is outfitted with twelve card slots, a central zippered coin compartment with padlock pull and multiple currency slots.     Made in France.  Blind stamped Q within a square.   Protective felt and Hermès box included.

Women’s Hermès Purses and Wallets

There’s something empowering behind owning a luxury made item. Whether it’s a flowing gown or a wallet that remains hidden in a bag, that feeling is present in every single item. Hermes has been the premier couture house in France ever since it was founded in 1837. The brand’s attention to detail, intrinsic designs and creative vision are executed flawlessly in every piece. When looking for wallet, Hermes is your trusted brand in elegance and style that will last a lifetime. From flawless materials to stunning hardware nothing quite compares to what Hermes brings forth with each one of their unique designs.

Hermes Kelly Wallet

I am always on the hunt for the perfect wallet because my wallet is the most important item in my bag (sometimes more than the bag itself)! I actually spend more time choosing my wallets than my handbags because there are so many conditions to be met, but today, the hunt for THE wallet is finally over. The latest style from Hermes, the Kelly Long Money Holder or Ligne Kelly (I prefer to call it the Kelly Wallet/Clutch) is the answer to my dreams! It is 7 inches wide (18cm, half the length of a 35cm birkin) and may also be used as a clutch, nothing like a two for one to get me excited! (More after the jump!)

I went through my list of requirements: chic style (it’s Hermes, it’s a Kelly, need I say more?), a color that will endure daily abuse (etoupe is the perfect shade of taupe gray that won’t show dirt or stains), adequate credit card/ID slots(12- I only use two credit cards but seem to have a dozen of other ‘cards’- ID cards for my son and I, insurance card, prescription card, membership cards, VIP cards to clubs, Gym card, Yoga card- the list is endless!), space for cash (two slots, you can fit a passport in one of them!), foreign currency/checks/receipts (there are two pockets behind the credit card slots which will fit everything from Chinese RMB to the Euro), and functional coin pocket (with an adorable miniature Hermes lock as the zipper pull which actually cinched the deal for me, who else but me would buy a wallet purely because the zipper pull is so cute!?!?).

Made of ultra durable and lightweight Chevre Mysore (Goatskin), the Kelly Ligne is the best Hermes wallet I have ever owned. My Hermes Dogon and Bearn wallets lack sufficient card slots and they do not close properly when the coin pockets are full. The Kelly clasp allows me to stuff as much as I want without worrying about closing it! Plus I love being able to open it and look down to see everything I have in there at one glance. The best part, though, is its double function as a clutch (I put my cell in there and it fits!) and you don’t have to worry about a wallet for your credit cards or cash because it’s already built in! There is a wait list for the Kelly Ligne wallet so you must call your Hermes SA immediately. It is available in multiple colors but I absolutely love the etoupe, it is so chic and sophisticated. At Hermes Boutiques worldwide.

Each year, Hermes changes the leather and exotic skins you may order from depending on availability. Here are the skins available this year if you are one of the lucky ones to be on a permanent list.


Porosus crocodile from Australia– Most commonly found on Northern shores of Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia. Hermes does not glaze the Porosus croc skins so they will never peel. This skin is polished with an agate stone and the skin has to lay flat under the machine so once it is made into a bag, you will never be able to polish it again! I’ve ordered mine in Graphite (it turns gray, black or brown depending on the light) and am anxiously waiting it’s arrival. The Rouge 95 is also amazing and gorgeous!

Niloticus crocodile from Africa– the ever popular matte croc is rich and sumptuous. (All crocs have to be at least 10 years old to meet Hermes standards)

Mississippi Alligator– the best ‘gator skin in the world is from the US.

Lizard from Africa– Available in size 25cm or smaller due to the small size of lizards.

Ostrich from South Africa – Hermes uses the most incredible ostrich skins with flat quills. My White ostrich Kelly is from the ’60s, older than me, and is still flawless.


Veau Swift– Veau means calf in French, the word after it is usually the way the calf skin has been treated and/or stamped. This is a soft and sturdy calf skin.

Veau Togo – One of the most popular skins from female calf skin, tumbled and printed. I was told it is being phased out, what a shame as I just love Togo!

Veau Box – A stiff calf skin that wears to a beautiful patina but scratches easily.

Veau Epsom – Calf skin that has a smoother grain and is very stiff, I like this for the white Hermes bags.

Troika Calf hair– A delicate and gorgeous skin but it will wear around the edges. Not the most durable.

Vache Liege– Vache means cow in French- you’ll see that cow skin is also thicker than calf skin. Liege is the way it is treated and stamped.

Vachette Crispee Fjord – Cow skin in a heavy and looser texture.

Chevre Mysore– Goatskin is becoming increasingly difficult to find at Hermes quality so chances are you won’t be able to order one this year so if you see one ready made at the boutique, grab it!

Taurillon Clemence – The softest and most durable of skins made of Bull leather. The grain is looser than the Veau skins.

Buffle– Buffalo skin is as tough as you can get. This is usually used for luggage.

This is it for orders made in 2008. I told myself I would not order any more leather Hermes bags and would focus on exotics but couldn’t resist ordering the Taurillon Clemence in Olive. The color is so urban and cool! If I have time later, I will post another entry on the colors available in each skin.

A serious Hermes collector does not merely buy birkins. There are so many delectable items to be had and treasured. I bought a photo album and journal in Blue Jean Veau togo when my son was born, I’ve been keeping the journal and album with all of his “firsts” and will give both to him when he has his own child. My own Hermes bag collection consists of Birkins, Kelly bags, mini Kelly pochettes, the Lindy, several wallets, and a couple of vintage bags in a mix of exotics and leathers. I also collect Hermes enamel bangles, belts and scarves. (Forgot to mention JPG’s Hermes ready-to-wear are funky classics that I adore, I especially love the silk tops and crocodile platform shoes). Yes, I am sick and my obsession runs deep but Hermes is the only luxury brand that does not lose its value (even Chanel does not hold its value once it’s left the boutique), in fact Hermes bags increase in value with time so at least I am not squandering away my child’s inheritance! Actually, I view my Hermes collection as heirlooms to be passed down to my future daughter or granddaughters.

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Hermes Horseshoe Stamp

As you know, Birkin bags are extremely hard to come by and purchase directly at the Hermès boutique, even more so are Special Order Horseshoe Birkin. If you’ve perused PORTERO, you may have found a handful of Birkin bags with multiple color leathers and a horseshoe stamp; allow us to explain.

What is a Special Order Birkin?

A Special Order Birkin, also known as a Horseshoe Birkin, is a Birkin bag that has been especially made to the specifications of a client. A few times a year, select clients are invited to create their very own Birkin and Kelly bags, and are able to choose everything from the leather (or leathers, if they so wish), to the colors and the piping.

These requests are then sent to the Hermès atelier in Paris, where artisans will create these handbags. The whole process, from the ordering, the crafting, and then shipping back to the store can take months or sometimes, depending on the specifications of the bag, years.

All Special Order Birkin and Kelly bags have a Horseshoe Stamp next to the Hermès Paris Made in France stamp.

Hermes Special Order Birkin 40 Black and Indigo Togo available on PORTERO.comHermès Horseshoe Birkin 40 cm Black and Indigo Togo with Brushed Gold Hardware 

What Does the Hermès Horseshoe Stamp Mean?

The house of Hermès has a long equine tradition that dates as far as their 1837 beginnings. The Hermès Horseshoe stamp simply means that a handbag is a Special Order, and has been created to the specifications of a client.

Hermes Special Order Horseshoe Birkin bags available on PORTERO.comHermès Special Ordern Horseshoe Tri-Color Birkin in Rose Tyrien, Jaune D’Or and Mykonos Epsom with Gold Hardware Hermès HorseshoeBirkin 35 cm in Iris Clemence with Bois de Rose Interior and Gold Hardware Hermès Special Order Bicolor Craie Cacao Togo Birkin 35cm with Gold Hardware


How can I get a Horseshoe Birkin bag?

Hermès only fulfills a few Special Orders in a year, and each store, depending on the volume of their clientele, only has a certain allotment of Special Orders to fill. Usually only well-established customers will get the chance to customize an Hermès bag. Although many clients undoubtedly ask to create their own Special Order Birkin or Kelly, only few are invited to do so.

Sometimes, a Horseshoe Birkin or Horseshoe Kelly will take too long to arrive, and the client who customized it will no longer be interested. Other times, a certain material won’t be available, and will be replaced with something else. If this happens, the customer who ordered the Horseshoe bag is under no obligation to purchase it, and in those cases, the Special Order bags will be offered to someone else.

In some cases, the bag will be purchased at the boutique then placed in a reputable, secondary market store, such as PORTERO, where it will be available to purchase for a premium.

Hermès Special Order Birkin available on PORTERO.comHermès Special Order Birkin Craie Cacao Togo Birkin 35 cm with Gold Hardware

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We’ve been featuring about the new color releases and the latest prices of the Hermes Herbag Zip Bag. And if you’ve been following BRAGMYBAG so far, you will also understand why this bag is so popular – it has a lot of similar features like the iconic Hermes Kelly Bag.

Usually the Hermes Herbag Zip Bag is made part leather and part canvas. We do like to see this bag in full leather in the future, because canvas does feel less luxury than leather, don’t you think?

But anyways, presenting the Herbag Zip Bag in size 39 and for this season available in green Canvas and brown Leather. Refined with palladium hardware and leather padlock, the bag is made with rear zipped pocket and an inside removable zipped flat pocket.

Measuring 39 x 33 x 14 cm (L x H x D), the price for this beauty is €1820 euro or £1590 GBP via Hermes boutique.



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Hermès Enveloppe Trio

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I was beginning to think that this was a figment of my imagination, something I dreamt up that couldn’t have possibly existed since I couldn’t remember where I had first seen it. Till I started trawling through Hermès’ online site (yes, it is still one of my favourite things to do after a long week at work) and bingo, it was just sitting there staring back at me.

Simply known as the Enveloppe Trio, it’s simply 2 zip pouches that come housed within an envelope ‘folder’. And because it’s from Hermès, every item in this 3-piece set is naturally made of leather, Mysore goatskin, to be exact. Measuring 20.5 cm by 15 cm for the largest piece, this would function like a wallet for me, and I’ll use the smaller zip pouch for credit cards, the larger zip one for cash and other bits, and house both pieces within the envelope. Or I’ll use them separately, depending on what I need for that particular day, which I guess is the beauty of this mix-and-match leather suite.

Priced at GBP920 (which would make it easily over SGD2000 locally), no word yet if they are available in Singapore, or if they will come in more combinations for us to choose from. My dream set? Something in deep green, another piece in maybe a dark blue and housed in either a grey or black envelope. How about you?

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